Crazy. I Love Crazy.


Arcserve award

The picture for this post is the Arcserve team holding the award that they just won at VMworld 2015. Two things stand out for me:

1. IT IS A FANTASTIC ACHIEVEMENT. Arcserve is just 1 year out of their old CA parents. in that time, they basically had to rebuild their business process back end. New ERP, new CRM, new everything. At the same time, they enhanced the product to such an extent that it has won this award against some pretty well-entrenched VMware aligned solutions.

We are achieving ridiculously good results. De-duplication and compression of 12TB to 199GB is an example. This performance and richness of features that allows a single solution to perform simple backup, right through to application High Availability and at a price point that makes other solutions weep is seriously compelling for service providers, mid-market and enterprise customers.

2. THEY ARE CRAZY. These guys do things differently. They add fun into the equation and they make you want to deal with them. Just take this picture of them holding their award. They are doing it in front of their largest competitor’s stand and posting it all over social media. At VMworld Europe last year, they had a “silent club” where people put headphones on in a dark booth with a proper DJ and strobe lighting and danced away and a few months ago, they drove around the UK with a massive green inflatable elephant, pumped it up in their partners’ offices and spoke about the “elephant in the room” and how they can help partners make more money and build better businesses.

You may have read my post “When Crazy Becomes The New Normal“, if not, go read it. Arcserve is Crazy. We love Crazy. We support Crazy. We love Arcserve. You should try some Crazy!